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We want our customers to understand what it means to be selling vegan leather jackets.

“Vegan leather offers a killer look without the killing”

- PETA Organization on Vegan Leather

Our fabric is a premium vegan leather made from polyurethane that looks and feels nearly indistinguishable from genuine leather. Over time our fabric will remain intact with no cracking or peeling. Instead, our fabric’s core characteristics stay soft and supple. Design techniques, including stitching and gathering, wrinkles our vegan fabric like real leather. We want our customers to feel as good as we do about selling our cruelty-free products.

There is no question why we are known for our vegan leather and outstanding fit. Our various patterns and silhouettes make each style unique and allow your customers to tell their own story.

Detailed to the very last stitch.


Our years of experience and expertise in designing fit-conscious outerwear transformed the big and bulky puffer into a stylish, directional piece. Our fabric choices are of the highest quality, rivaling top name brand construction at a better price. Our polyester filling makes our quilted outerwear affordable, while keeping an amazing warmth-to-weight-ratio. Our quilted pieces range from ultralight to heavyweight. Our main focus is to design styles with functionality in mind: to protect your customers against all winter elements. The trend-setting designs of our quilted styles are just an extra bonus!


Knots, loose strands, and holes between individual threads found on wool due to malnourished sheep are nonexistent in our premium vegan material.

“Vegan wool is an eco- and animal-friendly replacement to sheep’s wool, the fourth worst material for the environment, according to the most recent Pulse of the Fashion Industry report.”

- PETA Organization on Vegan Wool


Our faux shearling is thicker and retains more softness and warmth than animal-derived shearling. Faux shearling allows you to stay warm and look great without any of the cruelty.


Our animal-friendly vegan suede material maintains a high-quality appearance and texture just like the real thing. These ultra-soft pieces are the ultimate in comfort and luxury! The benefit of buying our faux suede is that it does not fray or flatten and is so easy to wash.


We always say yes to faux fur! Whether it is a full faux fur jacket or a faux fur trim, we believe it is necessary for the cold weather. Our faux fur styles keep a luxe feel without the cruelty of using animal hides. Soft and resilient, our high-quality fur will quickly return to its original shape rather than looking flattened and squished.

“This faux fur shawl/poncho situation is cozy! I was surprised how warm it kept me considering I didn’t have many layers on underneath. I really wanted to let this piece shine through. I think it’s super chic and has such a luxe feel to it. The best part? It has pockets! Pockets make everything better.”

- Naty Michelle (Fashion Blogger) on Coalition LA


Our denim jackets are composed of softer, more comfortable, and more flexible materials than competitors’ rough materials. We continue to revamp the timeless denim jacket and create statement pieces to contrast the staple fabric. Over the seasons, our jackets have featured faux fur hoods & lining, cotton trim, distressed fabrics, accordion panels, and asymmetrical zip closures.