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By Tori Alegria, Public Relations Coordinator

Posted on July 06 2016

We are in the midst of a heat wave, but do not let that trick you into buying racks of summer dresses. Hot weather comes with cool beach breezes, overcast humid days, and chilly nights. This makes it difficult for shoppers because they have to dress for both hot and cold weather. The solution is… Vegan Leather Jackets.

Here Are Four Reasons To Stock Your Shelves With Vegan Leather This Summer:

1. Don't Sweat It

Our Summer line has lightweight vegan leather jackets that will prevent your customers from sweating.
The Frosted Over Jacket is a perfect example of one of our styles that will keep them cool during the summer. Half mesh and half vegan leather keep the body lightweight and prevent your customers from sweating on a first date.

2. Brighten Up Your Day

Don’t let your customers make the mistake of buying black, and roasting in the sun. Instead, choose a variety of colors from our vegan leather line to reflect the heat. The Layer It On Jacket comes in camel, red, and white - the perfect summer colors to pair with a flowy sundress and heels for a Sunday Brunch on the pier.

3. Working In The Arctic

It may be hot outside, but let’s face it, we are all in an air-conditioned office where it feels like winter year round. When it is 90° outside no one wants to leave their house in the morning in a thick coat for work. A vegan leather jacket is a trendy alternative to keep your customers warm at work especially - the What Goes Around Jacket. The front collar and back zipper detailing makes this a sophisticated statement piece for the workplace.

4.Stay Fresh

Perforated vegan leather jackets are an essential to keep your customers cool & fresh in the summer. The Just The Mesh-enger Jacket has perforated mesh strips letting the wearer breath in the heat. It is the ultimate summertime jacket to pair with a romper for a Friday night.



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