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By Nicole Lau, Public Relations Manager

Posted on September 23 2019

Living. Thriving. Wearing Better…With Coalition LA

To be more mindful of purchases and product consumption, consumers are skipping the middleman for their facts and taking brands head-on – holding them accountable from sourcing to production. In an effort to know more, consumers are daring brands to share the story behind their products before purchase. A spin on a proof of purchase with the tables being turned on retailers and sellers.

Transparency has been a buzzword circling the fashion industry as brands and retail giants enter the sustainable, vegan, eco-friendly or cruelty-free realms.

Coalition LA has consistently prioritized transparency with buyers and consumers. In addition to being an industry leader in premium vegan outerwear and a standout in the cruelty-free fashion space, Coalition Apparel has set the bar for the past 20 years as one the few manufacturers to produce ethically, practicing fair labor laws in sweat-shop free environments.

Our 2019 Fall & Winter collection fuses retro design, modern materials and an array of eye-catching colorways that encourage bold choices with structure and flow. Vibrant hues, metallic sheens and faux fur patterns speak to the story of each color and silhouette.

The below three staff favorites are dominating the trends this season, with tones like candy apple red, mustard, camel and gunmetal proving to be essential when diving into the Fall and Winter seasons.

Seal The Deal Hooded Jacket (DCJ5050)

Most winter jackets are black, brown and bulky, but the Seal The Deal Hooded Jacket (DCJ5050) is so flattering! This jacket has all the elements from style to durability. The bright candy apple red contrasted with black color panels, a built-in belt accentuating the waist and knit cuffs pull this jacket together as a go-to staple when braving the cold.

- Vivian, Sales Team

Space Cadet Jacket (DCJ3013)

My favorite is the Space Cadet Jacket (DCJ3013) in Gunmetal. The puffer’s metallic sheen and toggle loop drawstrings make it such a statement jacket for fall. It can be worn with jeans on a night out or grabbed in a haste as you run to yoga!

- Rebecca, Marketing Team

Teddy, Set, Go Coat (DFJ3017)

The oversized and ultra-cozy outerwear trend is really in right now. I love how the Teddy, Set, Go Coat (DFJ3017) holds structure and provides versatility while staying true to the signature camel color of a teddy coat. A staple like this belongs in every closet – this coat can be dressed with anything, worn everywhere and never taken off.

- Irma, Design Team

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