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By Tori Alegria, Public Relations Manager

Posted on February 25 2019

We want to ask all of you to dig deeper. What drives you to get up every morning and go to work? What makes you feel understood by the individuals around you?

Our values are woven into our daily practices here at Coalition LA and are the motivators for us to continuously develop new VEGAN materials and trending silhouette. Our owners have over 20 years of cruelty-free manufacturing expertise and have strived to develop a wide assortment of animal-friendly materials for retailers to choose from and learn about. They are finally seeing their values come to life in the fashion industry, driven by end consumers choosing to spend their dollar in a more mindful way. Consumers want to know how products are made and what they are made out of. Our wide selection of styles spark individuality, allowing your customers to express themselves through cruelty-free fashion, while our values bring unity to the fashion community in hopes to make positive change within the industry. It is imperative for brands and retailers with the same values to partner with one another.

“This type of collaboration is what will achieve the speed of change needed to boost the fashion industry’s environment and social performance,” notes the 2018 Pulse Of The Fashion Industry Report.

Our partnership with PETA and WWDMAGIC is bridging gaps in society and increasing compassion within the fashion industry. One entity cannot move the industry forward, but allies from different positions within the same industry can move boundaries and push the industry to make change. Our partnership united three industry leaders: the largest animal rights organization, the largest women’s fashion trade show in the US, and the brand with over 20 years of cruelty-free manufacturing expertise. We educated over 80,000 attendees at WWDMAGIC on the importance of incorporating ethical options into their selections! We can’t explain how thrilled we are to further this kinder message within the B2B world.

"We saw a gap in the B2B industry for conscious-driven thought and knew it was time to spearhead this mindful buying movement in partnership with PETA. Our goal is to effect change across the nation, by continuing to innovate in beautiful cruelty-free alternatives," states Darci Wong Creative Director of Coalition LA.

This collaborative spirit is reflected in our SS19 collection through tonal vibrant colors and diverse silhouettes. We created this collection to give representation to all types of individuals within the fashion community.

As with WWDMAGIC’s Pantone Lounge at the show, our SS19 look book focuses on tonal styling against bold backdrops. Our DPJ3080 Under Your Belt Jacket was even represented at the lounge as the WWDMAGIC girl! This deep red color is one of our more progressive tones, along with a jewel tone mustard and dark plum. Washed hues are also featured this season, such as Sage and Pink, to give the collection a feminine feel. These soft colors connect with the progressive tones harmoniously, making it a complete collection.

This season we are showcasing a diverse variety of silhouettes from work attire to classics with added feminine flair. DPJ3081 The Cupid Ruffle is the perfect example of a classic design mended with feminine qualities. Waterfall ruffles add a chicness while maintaining sensibility. Practical, easy-to-wear pieces for professional settings and leisure activities like our DCP3011 Push My Buttons Coat are trending this spring as well! The poly-blend material is lightweight and wind-resistant, making it perfect for this season!

If you have any questions on the top trends this season, feel free to email us. Thank you for supporting cruelty-free fashion. <3

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