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By Tori Alegria, Public Relations Manager

Posted on August 10 2018


Introducing PETA x Coalition LA, the collaboration between the largest animal rights organization in the world and the fashion brand with over twenty years of cruelty-free manufacturing expertise!!

Last week we hosted an event with PETA to launch our collaboration and celebrate vegan fashion! Experts in all areas of the fashion industry came together for this event to learn from one another and discuss the future of vegan fashion. You could feel the passion and excitement in the room. This affirmed our hope that together we could make vegan outerwear more accessible to the end consumer!

The launch event was designed for attendees to walk through the different types of vegan materials Coalition LA offers. From banners with animal-cruelty and quality facts to Coalition LA’s FW2018 collection on display, every guest was able to see, feel, and read about the importance of vegan fashion.

“It’s cool to see brands have this conscious way of thinking, because I don’t think they realize that there is a huge group of people out there that want to do a better job of making smart consumer choices, and you guys are answering that for them,” comments Daniella Monet, celebrity animal rights advocate, about our collaboration.

Our Public Relations Coordinator Tori Alegria moderated the vegan fashion panel featuring actor and influencer Daniella Monet, The Vegan Stylist Emmanuelle Rienda, eco-conscious boutique GALERIE.LA owner Dechel McKillian, and PETA Assistant Manager of Clothing Campaigns Christina Sewell. The panel spoke to the importance of educating retailers and the end consumer on how products are made and what they are being made with. This transparency creates awareness, which is one of our core values at Coalition LA. This awareness prompts retailers and consumers to start asking the important questions, and these questions will ignite the vegan fashion movement. Change starts with one person.


This collaboration kicks off with PETA’s first ever vegan leather jacket (pictured below). “Compassionate consumers everywhere can wear their values on their sleeve with PETA and Coalition LA's smart and stylish animal-friendly leather jacket," states PETA Assistant Manager of Campaigns Christina Sewell about our Limited Edition vegan leather piece. This collaboration is not about this one jacket; it is about our retailers joining the conversation and spreading the vegan message. That is why we are, for the first time ever, allowing our retailers to decide what sizes they want for their store. Build your pack and order the jacket for your store here.

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