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By Tori Alegria, Public Relations Manager

Posted on March 11 2019

PETA x Coalition LA partners with WWDMAGIC to create awareness around vegan fashion.

LAS VEGAS – Cruelty-free fashion was brought to the forefront at the largest women’s fashion trade show, WWDMAGIC. This industry leader strategically partnered with their own wholesale exhibitor, Coalition LA, to focus this year’s show on educating the B2B world about the growing number of vegan products and materials available. Coalition LA is a premium vegan outerwear wholesaler with over 20 years of cruelty-free manufacturing expertise. The brand launched a collaboration with PETA late last year, and due to its success, the two debuted a custom production service at the show. This service allows retailers to design and carry an exclusive PETA x Coalition LA outerwear capsule crafted with premium vegan materials.

“Overall our attendees were very receptive to the options when it comes to cruelty-free fashion materials. Coalition LA has given shoppers a great idea of the quality you can get when it comes to vegan leather or faux fur,” notes Kelly Helfman President of WWDMAGIC.

Photo Credit: Jett He
Coalition LA’s faux fur and vegan leather jackets displayed at the vegan fashion panel for attendees to feel the quality of conscious fashion.

This is the first time the show has given representation to the growing conscious consumer. The concept of brand transparency and mindful thinking is not new for the B2C world, but this a huge step forward for the B2B industry. For consumers to see more value-centric products on the shelves, the process must begin within the buyer community.

"We saw a gap in the B2B industry for conscious-driven thought and knew it was time to spearhead this mindful buying movement in partnership with PETA. Our goal is to effect change across the nation, by continuing to innovate in beautiful cruelty-free alternatives," states Darci Wong Creative Director of Coalition LA.

The WWDMAGIC show bag crafted with Coalition LA’s durable vegan leather.

Coalition LA has developed a wide breadth of vegan materials over the years ranging from durable vegan leather to luxe faux shearling. The show utilized the brand’s outerwear assortment to display ethical fashion in a kinder light. Mannequins were added in the Club 34 Buyer Lounge to showcase vegan leather, faux fur, and vegan suede jackets along with the composition of each material. The Pantone Lounge featured a trendy “Conscious Girl,” and the show bag was made from Coalition LA’s premium vegan leather reading “Be Kind to Every Kind.” PETA x Coalition LA presented a vegan fashion panel Conscious Fashion Choices Are Getting Trendy in partnership with WWDMAGIC. Celebrity animal rights activist Daniella Monet, vegan fashion influencer Molly Tuttle, and PETA Fashion Campaigns Manager Christina Sewell discussed how brands are meeting the growing consumer demand for vegan clothing, shoes, and accessories.

"As Millennial and Gen Z consumers learn how animals are abused and killed for their skins, they are looking for fashion that's as ethically produced as it is functional and stylish," says Sewell. "PETA is eager to move the fashion industry toward a future filled with innovative fabrics that are kinder to the planet and the animals who live on it."

Start designing your exclusive PETA x Coalition LA line, or learn how you can support vegan fashion.

Photo Credit: Jett He
Christina Sewell (PETA Fashion Campaigns Manager), Molly Tuttle (Vegan Influencer), Daniella Monet (Celebrity Activist) speaking on our vegan fashion panel.

Photo Credit: Jett He
Daniella Monet (Celebrity Activist) walking through the growth of Coalition LA and our cruelty-free materials.

Christina Sewell (PETA Fashion Campaigns Manager), Molly Tuttle (Vegan Influencer), Daniella Monet (Celebrity Activist), and Kelly Helfman (Magic President)

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