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By Tori Alegria, Public Relations Coordinator

Posted on June 20 2016

Happy First Day of Summer!

Summer came way too fast this year, and if you’re like us then you are not bikini body ready.
But instead of regretting the donuts we ate this morning, we decided to create the Motion Summer Bucket List.

The Motion Summer Bucket List will have you losing weight while enjoying a summer you will always remember. The list is divided into Motion by Coalition’s three intensity levels (high, moderate, and light). Each intensity is paired with the perfect Motion by Coalition outfit to make you feel sexy and confident all summer long. 

High Intensity (Heavy Support | Thick, Firm Straps | Least Flexible)

Jane Motion Classic Sports Bra and Kimberly Motion Standout Pant
Jane Motion Classic Sports Bra

Kimberly Motion Standout Pant

Roller Skating Down Venice Boardwalk: Roller Skating is a high intensity butt and leg workout, making it a perfect way to visit the outside shops and shows on the Venice boardwalk.

Bike Ride: Bike riding down the strand gives you a chance to feel the ocean breeze while losing weight. If you don’t own a bike, take a cycling class to get you pumped up for the day.

Hiking Runyon Canyon: This hike is not a joke! If you take the long path that goes straight uphill it will be the ultimate leg and endurance workout.


Moderate Intensity (Medium Support | Thick, Stretch Straps | More Flexible)

Tory Motion Classic Sports Bra and Bridget Motion Classic Pant
Tory Motion Classic Sports Bra

Bridget Motion Classic Pant

Pets Pets Pets:
We love our pets, and what better way to spend a hot day than taking your dog to the park or beach? Running and playing fetch will keep you slim for the rest of the summer.

Dance Party: Get together with some friends for a cardio training dance party. Dancing gives you a great cardio workout, but laughing with friends will also give you a killer six pack.

Paddle Boarding: Trust me, it is easier than it looks! Paddle boarding is an easy way to get a tan while building those washboard abs. (You can also bring your dog onboard!


Low Intensity (Light Support | Thin, Stretch Straps | Most Flexible)

Anne Motion Classic Sports Bra and Jana Motion Standout Pant
Anne Motion Classic Sports Bra

Jana Motion Standout Pant

Shop 'Til You Drop
: Take a day to get those summer essentials at the mall. Walking and carrying bags full of clothes is always a fun way to lose calories.

Slow down, and take a day for yourself. Yoga is a calming way to wash away all the stressful elements in your life.

Go On a Sailing Adventure:
This should be on your bucket list even if you don’t need to lose weight. Learning how to sail is a full body workout, and you get to see cute sea creatures along the way!
The Motion Summer Bucket List will have you looking and feeling better about yourself in no time! Share your adventures in your Motion by Coalition activewear with us by posting on Instagram and hashtagging #SummerInMotion!

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