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By Tori Alegria, Public Relations Manager

Posted on January 29 2019

Exciting news!

WWDMAGIC is partnering with PETA x Coalition LA to shed light around conscious fashion!! The WWDMAGIC team has taken notice of consumers looking for brands who are more mindful in their design process and is using our collaboration to bring awareness to the fashion community on kinder options available at this coming show, Feb. 5 -7. There is no question why WWDMAGIC has partnered with us: Because we have the most beautiful variety of cruelty-free materials, of course!

“We felt it was important to partner strategically with Coalition LA to bring awareness to all of the WWDMAGIC buyers to know that they too have cruelty-free options when it comes to buying,” said President of WWDMAGIC, Kelly Helfman.

Let’s take a step back for a second and go over how PETA x Coalition LA has grown over the past 6 months! Our premium outerwear brand with over 20 years of cruelty-free manufacturing experience united with the largest animal rights organization in the world last August. Our collaboration launched with a limited-edition “Go With The Faux” vegan leather jacket!

“The PETA x Coalition LA collaboration is uniquely positioned to move retailers across the nation towards a more mindful buying behavior, due to the fact that this is PETA's first campaign with a wholesale manufacturer,” said Darci Wong, Creative Director of Coalition LA.

Due to the success of this initial collaboration jacket, we decided to offer retailers the chance to design and carry a fashion-forward outerwear capsule made from premium vegan materials. To support and carry a custom PETA x Coalition LA collection in your store, email

“PETA is so excited to be collaborating with Coalition LA to bring people a collection of outerwear that is made in an ethical way without any animal-derived materials. We are eager to get as many retailers involved with PETA x Coalition LA this coming WWDMAGIC trade show,” said Fashion Campaigns Manager of PETA, Christina Sewell.

Our collaboration has had the support of WWDMAGIC from the start, which is why this custom production service is debuting to the B2B world first at this coming February show. We are so excited to finally announce this partnership to all of you because this means PETA x Coalition LA will be featured in SEVERAL events throughout the show, and there will be benefits for all of you!

What do you get out of our partnership with WWDMAGIC??

1. This year’s show bag will be made from Coalition LA’s premium vegan leather and will be available to all attendees!

2. PETA x Coalition LA will present a Vegan Fashion Panel on the main floor that will dive into the rise of the conscious consumer and how brands are taking steps toward accommodating the growing cruelty-free fashion market. Celebrity animal rights activist Daniella Monet, vegan fashion influencer Molly Tuttle, and PETA’s Fashion Campaigns Manager Christina Sewell will be talking on the benefits of offering vegan options for your shoppers.

Tuesday, February 5th at 10:30AM – WWD Social House, “Conscious Fashion Choices Are Getting Trendy

3. We will display a timeline of our company’s history in cruelty-free outerwear production at our booth (#71509). Follow the industry's parallel progression towards a kinder approach to fashion.

Can’t wait to see all of you at the show!! Don’t forget - Our booth is #71509.


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