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By Tori Alegria, Public Relations Coordinator

Posted on November 11 2016

You can find me where the wild things are this winter. Animal print is the trend that keeps coming back, and there is no question why! It is made up of neutrals (brown, black, and beige), which belong to a customer – friendly palette. These colors are seasonless, making leopard print a basic staple you NEED in your store. But by “basic,” I mean necessity, because we both know animal prints are NOT basic. This print can bring life to any outfit, and that is why everyone loves it! It provides style and a luxe feel, and here at Coalition Apparel, you can get it on a budget.

For some customers, leopard print can be a little intimidating, so pushing the trend in small doses is a good thing. As shown above, Justine Magazine featured 4 of our leopard print styles in a 2 page spread. The hints of leopard print are stunning, and immediately catch your eye.

You will also be seeing a lot of colored leopard print this winter, especially in activewear, because it radiates confidence and power. This “don’t mess with me” look is perfect for when your customers are trying to get their workout done during the work week.

Anne Motion Classic Sports Bra (AB0010)

Jana Motion Standout Pant (AL0010)


Bailey Motion Standout Sports Bra (AB0005)

Felicity Motion Standout Pant (AL0004)

We brought in this leopard ensemble to empower women to be above the norm, and make a fashion statement. Strong women like Kate Moss, Michelle Obama, and Beyoncé are frequently seen wearing all leopard, and don’t we all just want to channel our inner Queen Bey?! This sexy trend will be selling off your shelves in no time.

Ashley Motion Standout Sports Bra (AB0006)

Evelyn Motion Standout Pant (AL0005)
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  • Belen: September 14, 2017

    Totally agree, although I weart all year long jaja, By the way here I found an intersting site wich talks exclusively about animal print,

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