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By Tori Alegria, Public Relations Coordinator

Posted on August 23 2016

The technology that goes into our activewear is no accident. We value an active lifestyle here at Coalition Apparel, and understand the need for comfortability while working out. There are so many factors that can cause someone to back out of going to the gym. For example, your arm getting sore from holding your phone while running, or fabrics constantly scratching and irritating your skin.

Motion by Coalition creates functional activewear to remove those barriers, so that your customers can focus solely on their workout. If you missed out on our Fall Winter collection at Magic, here is an inside look at some of the details that we put into this season:


Zip Cover

A fold of fabric covers the end of the zipper to avoid irritated skin.



The hidden mid-waist zipper is used to provide an optional cropped style. The dual zip closure allows you to have the ultimate outfit change with just one zip!



Hoods can save you from the morning chill and afternoon heat. Rope drawstrings allow you to tighten the hood for a snug fit.



Pull and tie the rope drawstrings to tighten and scrunch the waist of our pants.



Lace-up and tie a bow at the ankle for a sexy, customized fit. Whether you pull the laces tight, or leave them loose, this design will be a showstopper.



Thumbholes are the solution to so many cold weather struggles. They keep your sleeves from rolling up, and keep your hands warm by cutting out the icy gap from the sleeve to your skin.

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