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By Tori Alegria, Public Relations Manager

Posted on April 16 2019

Customers walk into retail stores looking for products that speak to their style and to who they are. How do retail buyers know what type of customers are going to walk into their store? The answer is: They don’t (unless you can see the future, then I have a couple questions for you). If buyers don’t know who is going to visit their store, how are they supposed to merchandise their store? This is where trend analysis comes into play. For retailers who do not have the man power to forecast trends in-house, WGSN (World’s Global Style Network) is an amazing platform to provide buyers data, reports, and insight into trends up to two years from now.

After buyers choose their product based off the top industry trends it is up to the employees to sell the product. Trends and the look of a product isn’t going to ensure a high sell-through. When the products are on the racks, employees need to stop selling what they think the customer wants and start selling their store and brands. What is going to make your store different from the store down the block? Value-centric marketing is an easy way to set your store apart from the competition. What do you value? Do you want to create a kinder more beautiful fashion industry? Incorporating kinder fashion options into your store allows you to use value-centric marketing in store. Conscious shopping resonates with so many consumers today and is growing quickly! “Improving a fashion brand’s environmental and social performance actually boosts profitability,” states the Pulse Of The Fashion Industry Report.

Here is how to effectively sell cruelty-free outerwear in your store:

Know the brand:

The most important sales tactic for retailers and their employees is to know the brand they’re selling. What makes this brand different from the rest? Why did you choose this brand for your store?

Customers are not going to research every brand beforehand; it is the employees job to educate them on the product. For example, our brand, Coalition LA, has over 20 years of experience manufacturing cruelty-free outerwear. We strive to create vegan outerwear that gives each individual the chance to express themselves with their own unique style. Educating a customer on how Coalition LA has been cruelty-free since opening its doors brings credibility to the brand and the store. This shows the customer that the store does not only care about animal welfare but also brings in brands that are leading in the cruelty-free space.

We have designed our hang tag for retailers to use as a selling tool on the sales floor. The PETA-Approved Logo is front and center to spark a conversation about the product. The elements of Coalition LA that make us different are displayed – animal-friendly, premium quality, and sweatshop-free. Let’s go over that next.

Know the product:

After the employee knows the brand, they have to know the product. Where and how was this product made? What type of materials is it made out of? What makes it cruelty-free?

Even if the customer doesn’t ask, educating them on the product proves that the quality is worth the price. For example, you could let them know that Coalition LA is passionate about continuously bringing in the latest, innovative vegan materials. (We offer a wide-variety of materials to give retailers the opportunity to educate consumers on the kinder options available to them.) The information found on our hang tags, provides employees with something to reference as they speak to customers. Coalition LA is animal-friendly because each style is crafted with premium vegan materials. Our factories and all of their workers are part of our Coalition family. We care about how, where, and why our products are made. We are able to create quality 100% cruelty-free product through our family-owned factories. These are all talking points that will help the employee direct the conversation with the customer.

Know the trend:

Employees have to know the top trends, just as much as the buyers. This is the last step in the sales process.

Buyers choose to bring in Coalition LA outerwear for a reason. Not only is Coalition LA cruelty-free but we are also always on-trend. For example, DPJ3074 One Year Shoulder in Sage is taking the market by storm! This cooler tone can harmoniously balance the wide breadth of bright spring colors on the shelves. Discussing top trends is the final touch that will turn a “no” into an upsell.

We are always here to help our customers increase sell-through! Practice these tips in-store, and watch the products fly off the shelf!



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