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By Tori Alegria, Public Relations Manager

Posted on April 02 2019

Want to keep your store relevant and fresh yet still on-trend? You can do just that with our private label manufacturing services.

Our styles, from cruelty-free jackets to activewear, are available for you to manufacture with your custom label! Retailers with consistent one-of-a-kind collections are flourishing. As shown in Retail Leader’s article, More Shoppers Prioritizing Private Label, retailers that develop private label are seeing a 4% rise in sales!

Private label allows you to sell products at a price point that best fits your customers’ needs. You can tweak over 5,000 of our styles to manipulate the price, from substituting the hardware to choosing the type of polyurethane blend– Yes, we have multiple options for each cruelty-free material! Consumers want to feel connected to your store and brand name before making a purchase. We can help you design quality products that will resonate with your store’s aesthetic to increase brand loyalty. Consumers are interested in a store’s mission, and we would love to help you express who you are to them.

At Coalition Apparel, we aim to make the process for private label production as easy as possible! From design, labels, hang tags, to even custom colors and sizes, our strong management over the production cycle will take the manufacturing headaches off your plate!


Private label is here to stay, and retailers are reaping the benefits of hassle-free manufacturing! Check out our Custom & Private Label Services or email us for any questions regarding our manufacturing services. Let’s get you started on creating an innovative custom line that will separate you from your competitors!

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