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By Tori Alegria, Public Relations Coordinator

Posted on December 06 2016

I love the smell of brisk air in the morning, and hearing the “crunch” sound snow makes beneath my feet. But when that cold wind hits your face, and your skin feels like it is going to break off, fashion flies out the window. Let’s be honest, it is hard to think about styling and trends when it’s below 30 degrees outside. Luckily, Coalition LA has brought in outerwear that will have you merchandising your store with ease this Winter. Here are 4 styles from our Winter Collection that will give you a taste of how Coalition LA does Winter Fashion:

Delicate Details

Coalition LA’s Winter Collection has styles with delicate details to give your customers a more intimate shopping experience. Quilt Breaking My Heart Hooded Coat (DCJ037B) has a quilt design stitched into the hem for a quiet sense of luxury. This style has a belt with gold metal hardware for a perfect eye-catching window piece. The softness of the quilt stitching combined with the stunning elastic belt brings a simple and cozy energy to your store.

Winter Twist

Every season needs a twist: A style that will bring customers back to your store next season or even next week! The Three Wishes Hooded Coat (DCJ042B) is a perfect example, with diamond-stitching that transitions to a stripe-stitched hem. The beautiful zipper detail instantly catches your eye, and the twist is… The long zippers open to reveal pockets! Not only will this coat keep your customers warm, but it will leave a memorable impression, as well, creating loyalty for the next season.

My Sunday Best

In a world full of trends, you can’t forget to bring it back to the basics this Winter. Our Couture and Simple Jacket (DPJ5035) is a bestseller because it can be worn for any occasion. It’s simple enough to throw on for Sunday errands, and has a clean design for a couture ensemble at Sunday Brunch. This is definitely our Sunday’s best jacket and a merchandiser’s dream for styling their store.

You Are What You Wear

Coalition LA’s seasonal story takes on the ethereally bold, and the Ribbing Meets Flare Jacket (DPJ084B) captures the spirit of this trend perfectly. This style empowers both the ruggedness and feminine aspects of our Winter Season. The ribbed shoulders and zipper detail give this style its edgy personality, while the flare bodice adds a touch of elegance to your walls. You don’t even need to think about styling with this jacket, because it speaks for itself.

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