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By Tori Alegria, Public Relations Coordinator

Posted on September 27 2016

Fall is officially here, and it is bringing out two types of people in the world:

1: “Don’t show me jackets yet; I’ll be in fuzzy socks at home. Wake me up when it’s June.”


2: “Yes! Bring on the pumpkin spice lattes and big coats!”

Either way, your customers will need coats and jackets for the cold weather! For your customers that are still in denial about summer being over, we will just have to put them in the fall spirit. Here are three styles to get your customers changing with the seasons:

Two Seasons Fur One

Fall has stores expanding their coat selection by adding faux fur to the walls. But what if your customers aren’t ready for fall? Our Fur The Good Of All Jacket (DPJ1104) is the perfect style for the season transition. It is the timeless, classic leather jacket everyone needs in their closet. When your customers start feeling the cold, they can attach the removable faux fur collar to change the style from classic to luxurious.

Everyone Has Secrets

Who said secrets were always a bad thing?! Summer babes don’t want to be confined in thick coats and layers, making it difficult for buyers to source jackets to bring in for the fall season. Our Around The Bend Hooded Jacket (DPJ1106) will catch the eyes of these warm weather addicts with its tailored fit and lightweight feel. Your customers can dress for summer, while secretly keeping warm with the plush fur lining. The removable hood is also a convenient zip away – perfect for when the flurries start to fall.
If You Like It, Wear It

The best thing about the change of seasons is the change of styling that comes along with it. The Weather Or Not Jacket (DPJ1100) is a store merchandiser’s dream come true. Its weathered-finish and cotton ribbing make it easy to create a layered winter look with a knit sweater and infinity scarf. There are no accessories necessary with this jacket; the zipper and snap button detailing will speak for itself. This all-weather vegan leather jacket will get your customers ready for fall in no time!

Look out for our next blog, featuring the styles that will be perfect for customers looking for big coats!

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