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By Tori Alegria, Public Relations Coordinator

Posted on October 24 2016

Everyone says fashion trends come and go, but they forget that so do fitness trends. During the winter, customers prepare for the cold, so it is a given that you should stock up on Coalition LA Puffers. But for activewear, you have to stock up on the styles that are made for indoor fitness trends, as well. The Motion by Coalition Winter Collection is designed to hit the trends that your customers are looking for in their workout apparel. Here are the top fitness trends coming this winter and the styles that are perfect fits for each:


Kendall Jenner’s ballet video for Vogue Spain is making everyone wish they took more than one ballet class. Now, they have the chance to bring out the ballerina in them with barre classes. The best part about these ballet inspired classes is that there is no dance experience needed! The classes develop long lean muscles without bulk, basically sculpting a ballerina body. The Chloe Motion Standout Sports Bra (AB0016) and Ellie Motion Classic Pant (AL0016) are perfect for these customers who want to get into the dancing spirit. The wrap and bow of the sports bra is stunning and complements the simple loop pant design. This style also features our elegant new dusty rose color that will add a feminine touch to your merchandising this season.


Women are strong and can take a lot in life, but sometimes we need to kick back, and this winter your customers can: At kickboxing classes. This cardio intensive workout tones the whole body, while releasing stress from work, boys, or just life! Bella Motion Classic Sports Bra (AB0018) and Samantha Motion Class Pant (AL0018) are perfect for the customers who are looking for activewear that can put up a fight. The racerback sports bra provides support for power punches, while maintaining an open feel. The pant allows for the full range of motion that your customers will need for their side kicks. Trust me, this ensemble will last your customers for more classes than they can count.


The Kat Motion Standout Sports Bra (AB0021) and Cadence Motion Standout Pant (AL0021) is the outfit you want to show off, and that is why it is perfect for HIIT workouts. You can do these workouts anywhere! HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training, is any workout that alternates from high intensity exercises to fixed periods of less activity. A perfect example is doing 10 burpees, 25 jump lunges, running stairs, then walking for 2 minutes. Your customers will fall in love with everything about this outfit, and want to go straight to a HIIT workout from your store. The mesh racer back and open design on the sports bra is simple yet iconic. The strategic fashion contrast detail on the pant adds a slimming effect that will give your customers the confidence to do burpees at the beach.

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