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By Nicole Lau, Public Relations Manager

Posted on October 21 2019

Vegan Fashion Week had its second annual showing this week, and we were glad to show our support for fellow cruelty-free friend and founder of Vegan Fashion Week, Emmanuelle Rienda.

Since appearing on PETA x Coalition LA’s educational panel in fall of last year, Emmanuelle has shown tremendous support for Coalition LA as a vegan outerwear wholesaler. It was important for us to celebrate her success with Vegan Fashion Week as both attendees and advocates for cruelty-free fashion.

The two-day long event showcased various U.S. and international brands, all exhibiting their completely vegan collections, amongst the pieces were clothing and various accessories made of pineapple leather, recycled mattresses and La Croix cans.

As Vegan Fashion Week came to a close, Coalition LA continued the celebration of cruelty-free fashion with guests at their Los Angeles showroom on October 16, 2019. We invited guests and buyers to shop our entire Fall Winter 2019-20 season and exclusively pre-order incoming seasonal styles. An assortment of light bites, champagne and vegan artisanal donuts from Donatsu Doughnuts were available with sounds provided by a live DJ.

Informative stories about our vegan materials were posted around the showroom, allowing buyers to partake in an interactive shopping experience. A few styles composed of vegan leather and vegan suede to quilted and faux fur highlighted the importance of material selection in the fashion industry.

Coalition Apparel continues to be an industry leader as one of few wholesalers dedicated to spreading a kinder message about vegan and cruelty-free fashion.

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