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By Tori Alegria, Public Relations Coordinator

Posted on August 01 2016

If you missed out on seeing the Coalition LA look book styles at FAME, here’s your chance! Our look book pieces are just a glimpse of the full Fall/Winter Collection that we will be premiering at MAGIC. If that doesn’t convince you to book a flight, this will…

Our full Fall/Winter Collection for Motion by Coalition will be showcased at MAGIC, as well! We are just as excited as you are! We also know how stressful trade shows can be, trying to fit a look at every style into your show schedule. So, here are tips for getting the most out of your time at our booth, because trust me, you will not want to miss out on these pieces.


The MAGIC app is your one-stop-shop to help you navigate through the show. If you have no space on your phone like the rest of us, don’t bother deleting anything; this is all you need to know: Coalition LA and Motion by Coalition will be in Central Hall Booth #71732.

Look for our sign, and if you hear Oohs and Ahhs you’re going in the right direction.

PHONE HINT** If you like us on any 4 channels, you will get 2% off your show order and a free travel mug (just show us on your phone at our booth!)


Do not forget to wear comfortable shoes! There is no need to dress up in heels for us. But if you end up forgetting, we added a brand new ottoman to our booth. Come get comfy with us while picking your new styles for your store walls. We will also have refreshments to take with you for the rest of the show.


The most important aspect of creating a season collection is research. Our design and marketing team has spent months researching to bring you the hottest trends this season. Coalition LA has puffers, parkas, shawls, bombers, and vegan leather jackets: trends that will stay the winter and will be selling off your shelves in no time. Motion by Coalition is bringing in breathtaking new styles and colors this season as well. When you look at all of these directional pieces, it can become overwhelming, so we suggest some research beforehand:

1. Preview our look book. Our campaign is an overview of all the styles and premium materials we will be bringing in. From our Cold Blooded Coat on the cover to our Winter is Coming Shawl at the end.

2. Break it down. Take some time to go through our New Arrivals to get a sneak peak of what you will see at the show. Coalition LA is bringing in a wide range of styles with subtle showstopping details. It will be beneficial to research our pieces beforehand.

3. Motion by Coalition. Leave time in your schedule for our Fall/Winter activewear collection. We have brought in new colors and new standout pieces that will be impossible to walk away from.

Hint** Leave time to check out Motion by Coalition’s press book. Our styles have been featured in OK! Magazine, Life & Style Weekly, Essence, and many more.

We will be keeping you updated on our new styles and all of their features in our social media and blogs before the show. Grab your business cards & your map, and keep our styles in mind. We are excited to see all of you in Vegas! Please contact us if you have any questions

See you soon!

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